Mac Support for everyone across the Twin Cities.
And Windows too.

Computer misbehaving? You don’t have to take that!
(612) 237-6906

What we do.
At Azimuth we know how to make your Macs or PCs behave better.
And if you have both, we can help them work together.

Replaced or upgraded your machine?
We can help move the old data and optimize the new stuff. 
And find a great use for the hand-me-down.

We can create or tune a network for them all to run on.
And demystify the printer. 
And add a server for better sharing.

Where we do it.

On site. It just makes sense to see what’s happening where it’s happening when it’s happening.

When we do it.

As soon as we can. We try to make your appointment close to the time you call us. We understand it’s important.

But wait, there’s more!
Need new stuff? We’ll act as personal shoppers and make recommendations. We work for you, not the retailer; we aim to maximize your budget.

Big project? We can be your general contractor and help with the design and recommend hassle-free vendors.

Who we are

Jeff started the company in 2000, Owen added his Windows magic in 2013.